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The House of Wolves(Gay Bi Wolf Den)
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Ban List:

Rick-Oab leader
*G* silence i kill you
*G* Pyhco Lezbo
Darkcrystalwolf- tia

Mod List:

Ragen Cajjun
Rye Rye AkA Skittles
Amjay Oab
Tyler AKA DolphinsAreJustGaySharks
We Started Nothing
Matt Flood
Jared*aka* joker

1. Respect
Common courtesy and respect to other chatters is expected of all users of our room.

2. Font Usage
We, unlike many other rooms, do not regulate the font size you use when you chat. We do ask, however, that you consider the tone your font may convey. If you are asked by a room moderator to lower your font size, or stop using caps, it may be that you are coming across as aggressive. We ask that you comply with moderator requests at all times.

3. No spamming.
Spamming is characterized by chat messages that contribute nothing to the chat room, be it off topic or on topic. Examples include: empty bodies, repeat messages, bodies with few words that have no relation to the chat room or discussion and those messages that state they are spam, either to annoy or advertise, be it another chat room, a live room or another website. Ultimately what constitutes as spam is determined by the individual Moderator or Administrator.

4. No Graphic Material of either a macabre or pornographic nature.
Porn of any kind is not tolerated, either through cam spots, or through links, and will earn you an immediate kick from the room. Displaying images of porn or showing "private" body parts on cam will get you kicked from the room without warning. Repetitive incidents of this behaviour may lead to you being banned from our room and reports being sent to Stickam administration for further action.

5. Minors
The age limit in the room is 14yrs of age and up. Please keep in mind that there are young users in the room and be mindful of this when choosing what to talk about in the room.

6. Private Messages
It is our policy not to kick users for things said in PM's (private messages), except in extreme circumstances. If you have an issue with someone harassing you through private messages and do not know a solution, message any group member, we will be happy to assist you in resolving the issue.

7. No Racism, Threatening, Personal Attacks, No (citing) Victimization or Hateful posts / Retaliation of any kind against a user, or group of users, or racially offensive terms
We allow no discrimination in the chat room. Harassing another room member about their race, age, sex, religion, orientation, or ethnicity is not allowed and will get you warned and kicked if you continue. If you have an issue with another room member, please address that member in a private message.

8. Personal Information
Personal links, myspace, facebook, stickam, etc are allowed, but you may only post the link once. Posting it numerous times is considered spamming and may result in you being kicked from the room. Do not post personal information, email addresses, home addresses, or telephone numbers in the room. These things should be passed through a PM (private message). However, it is not recommended that you give this information out to people online unless you are absolutely sure you can trust them or you know who they are. It is a personal safety issue for you, and your safety is a concern for us here in the Wolf Den.

10. Video Chat
As Stickam is a video chat site, all of the above stated rules also apply to content shown on or heard from your camera. In addition, you may be asked by a moderator to remove items from view, or to readjust your camera position if it is felt to be pointed at questionable content, for example crotch or cleavage shots. Please be mindful of other users at all times. Our moderators have the final say on all moderation actions. Our moderators work to a set of guidelines to assist them in making their decisions, and they are expected to follow these guidelines. Moderator Guidelines are available to read here.

If you are kicked from the room, in most cases you will have received a warning either in the main chat or by private message. Stickam room kicks last for one hour, after which you may return to our room. If you continue to break our room rules, you will be kicked again, and it may be without warning. If you feel you have been wrongly kicked, please contact us by the link to the left of this site.

Our moderators are chosen by the Den Admins to uphold and represent these rules on behalf of The Wolf Den and its members. We ask that you respect their decisions.

We hope you enjoy the chat room, that you have a great time here, and that you make many friends along the way.

Thank you for choosing our room, we are glad to have you with us.

Sincerely, The members of The Wolf Den.

~~~~~~~~Chatroom Rules:   ~~~~~~~~

The aim of The Wolf Den is create a community that isn’t about group politics, where you don’t have to suck up to the people in charge to be welcomed. A community where anyone is welcome, regardless of where you come from, what you do for a living, how old you are or what your sexual orientation is. We want to provide a room, and a group, where people could come without the fear of persecution, so that they can come online to enjoy themselves in a comforting environment.

Our mission statement is simple: to celebrate the greatness of our friendship without the harm of others. This means that we come together not to attack anyone for their differences, but to embrace those differences as a celebration of what makes us each unique. We are not about popularity contests and we are not about ego stroking. We are about maintaining the substance of our membership by encouraging openness and compromise.

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